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Slides for NAWBO presentation: How Behavioral Science is Rapidly and Radically Changing the Business Success Formula | Oct 09, 2013

An energetic and dynamic group of over 90 people attended my presentation yesterday held at the Hilton DoubleTRee Hotel at Reid Park, here in Tucson, AZ. The audience had excellent questions, and many great discussions continued well after the …

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Upcoming Invited presentation to National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) | Sep 12, 2013

Dr. Tom Brunner will giving an invited luncheon presentation to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) October 8th, at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucson Arizona. He will show how behavioral science is rapidly and radically changing the business …

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Why are so few CEO’s/leaders getting coaches? | Aug 09, 2013

An innovative Business Week article pointed out that few CEO’s get coaches while other people expected to perform at an elite level are regularly coached? Elite athletes are regularly coached. Why aren’t leaders?
There are several reasons, but …

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Honoring the death of one of the world’s greatest behavioral scientists | Jun 14, 2013

If you are lucky, at least once in your life, you have significant contact with someone who is truly brilliant. I have had the luck of not just making contact with a person of this stature, but rigorously training …

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Oversold and fluffy personality tests vs the genuine personality x-ray (Part One of a Three Part series on Personality Science in the Business World) | May 31, 2013

Finding a good personality test can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack for the layperson who is not a highly trained behavioral scientist. Why? Because most people have no idea how trashy most …

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There is no way around your personal shadow if you want to be great in business | May 24, 2013

After having consulted with both business owners/leaders for over a decade, there is a clear personal quality shared by all of those who go on to become truly great leaders. This quality is what I call “shadow insight”. …

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Does Emotional Intelligence (EI) really matter to business performance? | May 10, 2013

The concept of “Emotional Intelligence” or “EI” is one of the most commonly used buzzwords. Business consultants and organizational influencers are constantly discussing EI these days. But the question must be asked: “Will ‘EI’ become just another …

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Use advanced behavioral science tools to find the career you REALLY want | May 03, 2013

As a business consultant with behavioral science expertise I am often called to serve as a career counselor to professionals. So, I understand how depressing it is to be in a job that you don’t enjoy. Mounds of statistics …

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Help them grow or watch them go – why so many companies lose talented workers | Apr 26, 2013

Very recently the Harvard Business Review’s “Morning Advantage” reported a brutal reality: “50% of People Don’t Feel Valued at Work.” Admittedly, this statistic is the result of the only one study reported by the American Psychological Association (APA). But …

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Don’t rely on old fashioned methods if you want real change in your professional life or organization | Mar 23, 2013

Real change (def.): a change that is sustainable because the deeper but hidden underlying factors that kept change from occurring are corrected.
Too many organizations want real change but over rely on outdated methods that bring no or …

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What I learned from being mentored by a true and seasoned executive leader | Mar 04, 2013

In a time when global confidence in leadership across organizations is at an all time low, we all ask: “where are the true leaders?”. Parents increasingly ask, “where are the people I can point to as a moral leader for …

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If you don’t own a circus why are you hiring clowns? | Feb 12, 2013

The following title of a book written by a Human Resource (HR) expert named Lola Kakes will make you laugh: “If you don’t own a circus, why are you hiring clowns?”. This is a reference book I highly …

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10 Character Flaws That Can Derail Even Good People | Jan 09, 2013

Good people can become great, but usually they don’t. Part of the problem is good people are often unaware of how close they are to becoming great. What do I mean? The termination of only a few traits/habits/preferences is often …

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Performance Edge Solutions Website Launch | Jan 01, 2013

We are very excited to launch our updated website that really captures the Heart and Soul of our firm. We are also starting a blog that we will publish bi-weekly that will address real world business dilemmas regarding key …

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