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Overwhelming research over 30 years shows only a small fraction of people in the world feel they have found a meaningful and economically satisfying career. The career seekers we help are part of that sought after but rare group. Why not join those people whose career happiness translates into a joyful life? With education/training/living costs skyrocketing, most people cannot afford to choose the wrong career and then start over. But the vast majority of people do switch careers at least 4 or 5 times.

Behavioral science expert and author Dr. Thomas Brunner has a superior behavioral science process to ensure you identify occupations are at the intersection of your passions, values, skills, economic goals, and aptitudes. No process goes deeper than ours as we dig and uncover those motivations you most want to express in your career with tools that precisely account for key factors of career satisfaction such as needs for praise and favored intellectual pursuits.

Career Coaching Tools by PES Designed to provide long term career success, results and fulfillment

Our tools give you a comprehensive yet concise understanding of what set of occupations are best matched to personal & economic goals by also uniquely accounting for your psychological tendencies and preferences. Call us now and we can have you speak with clients who can share their experience.

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Dr. Brunner provides career development and career change services to people around the globe. He integrates superior career and personality testing information with in-depth interviewing that goes far beyond the generic processes most people have experienced. Dr. Brunner specializes in helping you identify occupations where your skills, personality and talents all powerfully converge. Dr. Brunner’s uniquely comprehensive process includes (but is not limited to):

Our unique professional process starts at $1,000. Call us today to begin the process of a professional career overview and start down the path to a fulfilling and rewarding career! We also can provide references upon request so you can interview successful professionals who have benefitted from our process.

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