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Our logo (above) is not just a business image, it is a way to predict your own future – just as it has for many companies we have watched either fail or succeed as they face growth challenges.

After over a decade of working with organizations from a wide variety of business sectors, we recognize there are basically three company performance trend lines which are directly tied to level of GPS usage.  The stories and future of each of these three kinds of companies (The Dinosaurs, The Amateurs, & The Visionaries) are told below.  Which kind of organization are you?

Find your organization and your future by scrolling downward, where you also learn about how your level of GPS usage directly ties into your organization’s performance. By clicking one of the three icons (see below) from our logo  you can diagnose your own organization.

Wherever your organization is (or you are) now, we help you move from “Good to Great” by building a culture of “self-disciplined people who take disciplined action” to secure your future.  This is an essential need we increasingly serve as business consultants who apply our special expertise in behavioral science  using precise tools to identify those factors holding your business back from its potential.  Deeper and more precise tools help you get the future financial results you want.

Discover Real Companies Using GPS

Company 1: The Dinosaurs (No Use of GPS)

“Just getting by and about to fall off the ledge”

BACKGROUND: Does your organization have the outdated belief that they can put complete faith in the superficial knowledge you can get from resumes, interviews, and track records when they hire, develop, and try to retain top talent? Does your company have the naive belief that instead of using precision guided personnel tools, they can build loyalty with good benefits packages and higher salaries? These are examples of beliefs held by organizations living in the past.

FATAL MISTAKE: Never recognized that a key feature of your “offering” must be great people to win loyal customers – beyond the competition! This Dinosaur, when they did get great people, did not develop them. Not surprisingly, many talented people left this company. This company never recognized that talented people inherently want to feel like they are on a path of development that accounts for their unique workplace personalities and their desire for quality working relationships. A mound of data convincingly shows that the #1 reason people leave a company is not due to low salary, but due to a poor relationship with their supervisor.

THE RESULT: A trendline that drops off. Reasons include several hirees failed until this outdated company found the right fit, and meanwhile they lost key clients. Also, this company neglected to setup thoughtful development plans for their top talent and several talented leaders were recruited by industry leaders luring them over with GPS-based savvy showing they would help them reach their potential.

Company 2: The Amateurs (Uninformed Use of GPS)

“Roller coaster results that drop off eventually”

BACKGROUND: These companies may use some basic personality questionnaires (e.g., Myers-Briggs) that they heard about to inform their hiring, development planning, team-building, etc. Their approach was to casually choose tools, while ignoring the need to identify best practices. The tools chosen were generic and imprecise, and did not reveal the underlying problems. They maybe used a consultant who was charismatic but revealed no real scientifically based expertise.

FATAL MISTAKE MADE: They used the wrong “people science” tools and trusted erroneous findings. They ended up actually damaging in-house relationships by coming off amateurs who did not know what they were doing in the very sensitive area of personnel-decision making. The in-house turmoil was noticed by valued clients and accounts were lost. This sent this amateur company into a tailspin they never recovered from.

THE RESULT: A roller-coaster trendline that eventually goes south. This company’s naive belief that they could use their own intuitions to choose and apply behavioral science tools damaged relationships. They realized all-too-late that they were playing with fire when they stepped into the tough arena of tool selection for personnel decisions, and should have chosen a seasoned consultant.

Company 3: The Visionaries (Effective Use of GPS)

“The company with THE EDGE whose people win over clients”

BACKGROUND: These companies recognize that the most valuable and expandable asset is their people. They understand to be a great company you need to find disciplined people who make disciplined decisions, consistently. They do the work to find a trusted confidant consultant who will effectively guide their use of tools so that they meet their growth challenges by making personnel decisions based on deep intelligence.

KEY IMPROVEMENT MADE: Regular and selective use of GPS has helped this company get the right people on deck, where all hands are working together seamlessly. People feel appreciated, and development plans have meaning because they are based on deep awareness of each leaders needs and skill sets.

THE RESULT: Reliable upward trendline. Results are consistent because turnover is low and the internal culture is proactive and accountable.