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Mission with a Head and a Heart

Our primary Mission is to improve the world one professional or company at a time through expert usage of Great People Science (GPS). While anyone can call themselves a consultant, our Mission from the beginning has always been to use the very best science (our Head) to serve clients in a uniquely customized and personal fashion (our Heart). To remain true to our “Mission’s Head”, we continually assess up-to-date science related to real world business growth challenges such as articles about “What are the best tools to use to select the best hire?”.

Our dedication to being a premier consulting firm involves having team members who have the highest level of credentialing available: the doctorate (PhD) in psychology/behavioral science.  Both the Founder (Dr. Brunner) and one Associate (Dr. Nelson) have this elite level of training.

We are committed to bringing the highest standards of practice by drawing from a global network of knowledge and engaging in debates about how to apply the very best behavioral science through our correspondence with nationally renowned business consultants who are also members of the Society for Consulting Psychology.

To remain true to our “Mission’s Heart” we keep our client load smaller so we ensure we are truly keying into the reality of your company as it is situated within your business sector and culture. We are focused on developing a high quality and lasting relationship, not on a high volume of clients. To learn more about how we customize our approach click here.

Beyond the goal of maximizing the development of adult professionals, we have another heartfelt Mission that has been with us since the beginning. Our Founder and Principal Dr. Tom Brunner has recognized that we must translate what we have learned about cultivating high performance businesses/professionals into programs that develop exemplary character in youth. To this end, Tom has begun establishing a non-profit Foundation called the Center for Character Strength Investment (CCSI).

CCSI’s cornerstone belief is that leaders with strong moral (“moral” in the humanitarian sense) character are becoming more critical, yet less frequent. Our historical era is one where leaders have immorally exploited the financial or moral trust given to them by large collectives of society. Not surprisingly, research indicates confidence in leadership is at an all time low.

Due to the frequency of moral misbehavior among even highly educated people who may have held high profile positions, our culture is pivoting away from a belief that business success equals leadership/moral aptitude. Rather, leadership selection is more and more focusing on the core personality traits that have been left uncultivated as there seemed to be hope that with technology our society would naturally learn how to pick better leaders.

To learn more about the nature of CCSI, or how you might contribute to the future of CCSI, click here.