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Return on Investment (ROI)


Over 40 years of scientific studies have shown that investment in credible behavioral science tools can bring impressive returns across a variety of services we offer. Not only are there enormous positive Returns on Investment (ROI) when Great People Science is utilized (section I), but scroll down farther to also see how GPS also allows you to avoid hiring mistakes, losses & devastating liabilities.

Exemplary ROI’s highlighting revenue impact and far reaching value of GPS

Coaching/Leadership Development
Culture Change/Merger

Preventable Mistakes, Losses & Liabilities

Don’t over trust superficial information. 40-89% of applicants were found to have falsified their resumes (American DataBank research statistics 2008 – 2010)

Solution: Get deep intelligence before you make deep investments.

Avoid hiring people with the wrong attitude. People can often conceal what their real attitude toward the work you want them to do is. Data collected in 2011 suggests that “bad hires” in 62%
of cases had negative attitudes, and in 63% of the cases failed to work well with other employees (source ).

Solution: Precisely assess key workplace factors such as attitude and interpersonal skills before you make a deep investment.

Avoid major financial losses that come with bad hires. One in four companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $50,000 (source solution ).

Solution: Use sophisticated but economical tools that help you screen out bad hires and identify truly exceptional candidates.