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Reasons People Call Us

Hiring and Placement Decisions:

“Too many bad hires do well in interviews and look good on paper…how can we better predict who will be a good fit?”; “We really like Jane, but think she is unhappy in her current position, how can we figure out where she might be happier?”;  “We need to select a leader who will take our organization to the next level, how do we determine who has the most leadership potential?”.

The GPS Advantage: You need a deep awareness of each candidate that goes far beyond the superficiality of resumes, interviews, and previous track records.  Before you make deep investments in personnel, obtain deeper intelligence about each person you are evaluating.

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Coaching/Leadership Development:

“How can I get a 360 degree understanding of myself so I can avoid derailing like so many others have in this new position?”; “How can our team  accelerate our strengths and/or fill in crucial skill gaps keeping us from meeting our goals?”; “I need a structured and precise development plan that will best prepare me to be selected for a leadership position coming open in 6 months”

The GPS Advantage: Our precise tools give you a road map and navigation route to address how you can accelerate  your productivity in the performance areas you most care about.

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Crisis Coaching/Counseling:

“I am a higher level employee who has exhibited some problematic behavior I need to address, can I speak with a counselor confidentially to rectify this behavior?”, or “I have a personal crisis that is affecting my performance at work, and I need to talk to a seasoned counselor with the right training”.

The GPS Advantage: We get to the root of the issue efficiently by drawing from our in-depth expertise in personality science and specialize in privately handling even highly sensitive issues quickly and confidentially. We take pride in being a reliable trusted confidant who will serve your needs fully.

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Talent Development/Retention:

“We really like Alex, but right now he is not fitting in and does not seem happy, what do we need to understand about Alex and what are the best steps can to take?”; “Karen is exceptional, and we want to accelerate her strengths to fully utilize her as we grow our company”, or “How do we identify which skills sets will make it easier for our CFO to meet his MBO’s?”

The GPS Advantage: Our advanced GPS tools give you a deep and precise awareness of which personal factors will most powerfully unleash potential and lead to performance breakthroughs. GPS is not about relying on motivational speeches, it is about a creating a clear and structured navigation route for developing powerful skill sets.

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Career Counseling/Guidance:

“I want to know what career(s) would best suit my particular combination of motivations, interests, cognitive abilities, and life goals”, or “So far all the career instruments I have taken have seemed superficial and useless, what can you offer that will truly tap into who I really am so I finally dial into a career that is meaningful and lucrative?”

The GPS Advantage:   Our tools go far beyond the superficial approaches taken by the vast majority of career guidance advisors. In fact, we are happy to link you to previous clients who can help you understand how we are different. Don’t trust us, see for yourself.

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Succession Planning / Merger:

“How can we correctly identify and prepare someone who can step into the role of President”, or “I want to know if my daughter has the skills to take over my company, and if so, how I can setup a professional development plan so she is ready by the time I retire?”

The GPS Advantage: We ensure you have a deep and accurate awareness of candidates so your company’s legacy is protected.

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Culture Change:

“How do we get people to be more accountable and proactive?”; “We need people who can adapt better to those around them”  “We want a happier organizational culture” “How can I spearhead and increase productivity by having people change the way they think about our new initiatives?” “We are thinking of merging with another firm, how can we facilitate a smooth transition”

The GPS Advantage:   Our tools help you precisely hone in on what personal factors can be modified to create the desired change in workplace attitude and performance.

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