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The GPS Advantage

The GPS Advantage is about applying the very best People Science to solve your most pressing growth challenges. It is a widespread truth that most often companies fail not because they did not have the right technical assets, but because they did not learn to account for and fully tap into the personality wiring of their key people. ¬†They never developed their key people and eventually they left or they never got teams to work to their potential. Bottom line: Huge amounts of “personal capital” were left on the table.

Our GPS Advantage has five key benefits:

High Return on Investment (ROI): Our tools give you a lasting increase in your bottom line, far greater than increases that trendy technology or shiny marketing campaigns can give.

Predictive Power: Our advanced tools identify critical and sometimes hidden factors that lead to more reliable decisions.

Deeper Awareness: Our tools go far beyond superficial knowledge discoverable from resumes, interviews, references, and even past performance.

Precise Guidance: We target your goals with precision-guided tools to hit the “bull’s eye”. We know you want guidance that smoothly facilitates decision-making to secure your company’s future.

Sustainable Results: Our commitment is to provide a long-term solution that anticipates future challenges so our present solution is future focused.

Next generation large and small businesses can no longer solely rely on technology or any other non-living asset to try and gain a sustainable edge in their business sector. Increasingly, you or your company’s ability to select and retain exceptional people is THE EDGE to focus on honing. We know consultants vary widely in what tools they use, and to what degree they pay attention to credible behavioral science. We are passionate about using a superior approach deeply rooted in behavioral science, and always asking “Is there a better way to do this?”. Our founder is a PhD trained scientist with a broad business application background whose firm is focused on solving your pressing on-the-ground challenges.

The benefits of GPS include the following:

To see how GPS has been successfully applied to a wide variety of problems, go to visit:
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