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Predictive Power

The more accurate your personnel decisions are, the more likely it is you will conquer your growth challenges. You want the best people and team related intelligence, and that is what our GPS family of tools offers. The deepest intelligence giving you the clearest overall grasp of personnel. We are committed to ensuring you are not unpleasantly surprised by hidden personal factors down the line after you have made big investments in key professionals.

Because we have been evaluating behavioral science tools for over a decade, we have learned which particular tools give the most accurate x-rays depending on the situation. While most organizations only “hope for the best” when they make key personnel decisions, and trust superficial information (e.g., from resumes, reference, track records from PREVIOUS work environments) our tools give you much greater degree of confidence and comfort. We believe your organization’s future should be protected by decision making processes that leverage revealing and precise tools to help you focus your staff development planning on key areas. We make the future much more predictable.

—Great People Science helps you identify reliable people who stabilize and grow profits—

By using our background and expertise in behavioral science, we have learned which personality factors/preferences tend to reliably predict who will perform better. A significant body of research indicates that personality variables predict human behavior in general and employee behavior in particular. While many have tried to argue personality science does not hold water, no significantly contrary data has been provided (Ones, Viswesvaran & Dilchert, 2005). In fact, hundreds of studies have shown people exhibit stable personality traits/qualities/preferences.