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Why are so few CEO’s/leaders getting coaches? | Aug 09, 2013

An innovative Business Week article pointed out that few CEO’s get coaches while other people expected to perform at an elite level are regularly coached? Elite athletes are regularly coached. Why aren’t leaders?

There are several reasons, but chief among them is that leaders may see coaching as more remedial or as a punishment. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of stories my colleagues share with me about how once a CEO or influencer meets with a coach, they are blown away about how much they realize that coaching is pivotal to reaching that next performance level.

The best CEO’s move beyond any insecurities they have and do get coaching because the best leaders want to be around people smarter than themselves. Too many leaders isolate themselves in their C-suite silo only to later find that insulating oneself from learning how one can get better is a fast way to a downfall.

The key is to find the right coach, and to do that, you look for who has in-depth knowledge of how to improve functioning in a sustainable way by identifying the hidden and impairing performance patterns. These hurtful patterns are often called “derailers”, and I have talked about them in my blog entitled: “10 Character Flaws that can derail even good people”.

The full Business Week article worth reading is at:

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Meet the Expert: Dr. Tom Brunner is a capable executive level consultant who has worked with local and nationally known organizations including Carondelet Healthcare, Tucson Electric Power, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Discovery Channel. Tom is a published behavioral science expert and is the Founder and Principal of Performance Edge Solutions. He is a licensed psychologist and a member of the Society of Consulting Psychologists. He has been an invited speaker at national conferences and local organizations such as University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ. Tom is humbled by the fact that in 2010 he was awarded the Arizona Psychological Foundations Early Career Psychologist Award. He is the senior author of a personality tool that has been adapted into seven languages. To see a 60-second video introducing his consulting firm click here, to read his bio click here, and to review his recent blogs, click here.